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The Arabian Nights is a well known collection of tales from the Arab world.  Here in the West, we think we know them, and indeed they have been pillaged and form a staple of the pantomime scene.  Aladdin.  Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.  Sindbad the Sailor.  But there are many more, not so well known.  Are there modern parallels ?
The Thief of Baghdad is seeking Arabs and people of Arab descent living in the West, who would be willing to tell their stories. 
We are looking for people who are happy to talk to us with regard to their experiences as Arabs in the West.  These can be personal, or anecdotal, from direct experience, or related to them by a family member, or a story handed down through generations.
The aim is to incorporate these stories into new theatre pieces, challenging the narrative of Arabs in the West as presented to us by the media and politicians.
For more information please contact Kamaal Hussain at becomingscheherazade@outlook.com

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